When the suit fits; that’s cool. You wear it. Most of you only occasionally. But there are those of you who work for a living. And part of your required physical d├ęcor requires you to wear a suit to work, whether you are a ball-breaking stockbroker on the trading floor or the friendly gentle giant, tipping his cap to all the appreciative visitors having the doors opened to them. A six-star hotel. A plush apartment complex.

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The high-rise office block where said stockers will be returning to to count their gains. Or their losses. Suits. Indeed. Tip-top for them when they get paid at the end of the month. Living large and well, these guys, hardly distinguished gentlemen, can walk into any exclusive tailor’s shop and have another wardrobe of suits made up. But not the good old doorman, a distinguished gentleman if ever there was one.

So sad that this man has to purchase his own suit to work to work. Shows you what his employer must think of him. A smart suit, even if it is his uniform to work, can cost thousands of dollars to replace when it eventually turns to tatters. Thankfully, the honest to goodness doorman is a sensible man because he can always stroll down to his local suit alterations cincinnati oh shop to have his old suit tapered before his next door-opening shift starts.

He should be able to make it to work on time because he can have his suit sorted while he waits. You could be this man too. Instead of spending a fortune on a new suit you may hardly ever wear, you can have your existing one or two suits altered so they fit you just right.